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The OUTscouts is a program of Camp OUTdoors & one n ten. The OUTscouts are an adventure based group comprised of dedicated youth who are currently helping plan this year’s camp. The OUTscouts help choose workshops and volunteers for camp. They also lead their own wilderness-based workshops at Camp OUTdoors. The OUTscouts meet throughout the year and partake in outdoor trips such as backpacking, rock climbing and survival skills training to better their knowledge & build community.

OUTscout Applications now OPEN

Ever thought to yourself: I wish I wore more flannel!

Perhaps you’ve pondered: What is a bear bag?

Get all those answers & more; apply to be an OUTscout!

Real quick:
– Are you between the ages of 18-24?
– Available 1x/month (more during Camp OUTdoors season) & some weekends?
– Interested in learning how to camp, backpack, and doing other outdoorsy things with rad people?

If you answered YES to those questions, well, what are you waiting for?! Click here to Apply