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Whether you’re joining us for the first time or 5th time, whether you’re zooming from Phoenix or New York, from your kitchen, bedroom, or backyard, the camp staff and volunteers are bringing the same love and excitement we always do to in-person camp and we hope you will too. See y’all soon!

Campers: Click here for the Post-Camp Assessment.

Helpful Tips to Prepare for the Day.

  1. Once in the Zoom, format your display name as: Age First Name Last Initial Pronouns (ex: 16 Susie C [she/they])
  2. While we have breaks scheduled in the day, you are always encouraged to take care of your needs when necessary. Please let camp staff know you will be taking a moment and will return shortly, so we know you are OK.
  3. All-camp evening activities are optional, but are a fun way to connect with other campers aside from your cabin.

Detailed Daily Schedule

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Workshop Descriptions

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